Erie Specialty Products has been an ISO9001 certified facility since 1994. We are currently certified to ISO9001:2015.

Utilizing Advanced Quality Planning principles, our experienced staff plans the quality and manufacturing processes to assure a smooth product launch. In addition to applying statistical principles in the manufacturing process, we use laser and vision technology when appropriate to assure true zero-defect shipments to your assembly lines. At speeds of up to 12,000 parts per hour, we can ship you defect free products without adding excessive cost.

Our Quality system is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement. Since processes are best maintained at the operation level, Erie Specialty Products Technicians utilize statistical methods to track and prove process capability and stability. In addition, statistical techniques are used to identify the root cause of defects, and aid in proving the corrective action.

The engineering staff at Erie Specialty Products works closely with the customer to improve performance and the manufacturing costs of their products. Our machining expertise uniquely positions us to better serve our customers base.

Whether it is a material selection, assembly or manufacturing issue, our engineers will be happy to discuss your application. We welcome your inquiry.